Following the steady release of increasingly brutal screenshots, Warner Bros. games and Rocksteady Studio have finally released the first video of actual gameplay from Batman: Arkham City. Beyond the full-motion demonstration of what players can do with the Dark Knight in the expansive landscape of Gotham City, the new trailer also features the voices of Kevin Conroy's Batman, Mark Hammil's The Joker, and Arleen Sorkin's Harley Quinn.Rocksteady Studios director Sefton Hill discussed back in February some of the enhancement's to Batman's tactics that will give players a richer crime-maiming experience than that of Arkham Asylum. Multiple simultaneous counters, aerial attacks, projectile counters, environment counters, beatdowns and the ability to combo in gadgets were among the Dark Knight's new abilities, and some of them are on display in this exciting new video.

If you're curious, the background song is "Short Change Hero" by UK indie rock group The Heavy.

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