Archie's Red Circle app continues to deliver the ongoing adventures of the latest incarnation of its flagship heroes in Ian Flynn and Ben Bates' New Crusaders series and Archie Comics has given us a first-look at covers to the book's upcoming third issue. Collecting acts 9-12 from Archie's iVerse-powered Red Circle iOS and desktop apps, New Crusaders #3 will be available digitally via Comics Plus at the end of July and in printed format comic October. If you're a trade-waiter, though, you'll have to wait until April of 2013 to read up on the team's "Rise of the Heroes" storyline, which chronicles their journey from individuals to a superpowered team... if they indeed figure out how to work together, that is. Peep full versions of Bates and variant cover artist Sanford Greene's handiwork on New Crusaders #3 covers after the cut.From Archie's official solicitation info:

"Legacies" Part One: The days of being ordinary teens are over: it's time for them to become the New Crusaders! But the over-confidence of Shield and his charges could spell doom for the fledgling team. Who remains standing at the end of the day? The Red Circle Universe's greatest heroes begin their journey in this pulse-pounding issue!

Script: Ian Flynn

Art: Ben Bates, Alitha Martinez, Gary Martin, John Workman, and Matt Herms

Cover & "Pep Comics" Character Variant cover: Ben Bates

Variant Cover: Sanford Greene

You can see all three covers below:

Ben Bates

Ben Bates

Sanford Greene

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