Warner Bros. Animation and DC Entertainment's DC Nation programming block debuted this past Saturday morning on Cartoon Network with episodes of Green Lantern: The Animated Series and Young Justice, along with a new Plastic Man short and one of Aardman's stop motion Batman shorts. Over at USA Today, DC Nation's debuted two live action videos interviewing some of the key players behind the new full series, plus yet-to-be aired shorts Super Best Friends Forever and Thunder and Lightning. While the vids are chiefly promotional, they do offer up some surprisingly fun behind-the-scenes info. Check out the two new video-packed interviews from DC Nation after the jump.

Of the videos' multiple interviews, my favorite is with Thunder and Lightning director/writer/producer Lynell Forestall, who discusses his original pitch for a 1970s blaxsploitation-style Black Lightning short. It's fairly understandable why DC Nation went with a more kid-friendly story about BL raising his two superpowered daughters -- something I look forward to seeing -- but that's not going to stop me from hoping the folks at Warner Bros. Animation have him move forward with his first idea down the road as well.

Scope out the two live action DC Nation vids below:

[Via USA Today]

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