Repaints aren't always improvements upon already-released sculpts, but in the case of the re-packaged Aqua Man and Black Manta and Batman and Robin DC Universe Classics 2-Packs at Wal-Mart, the new looks seem appropriate.

Aquaman's gold top may bring a little more shine than most of his comics-accurate incarnations, but his boxmate Black Manta seems to be sporting a true-blue costume. As for the Batman and Robin 2-pack, both color schemes seem legit by comic book standards.Fans might take issue with Robin's gloves, however. Having repainted a sculpt based on the Boy Wonder's most recent costume in the DCUC line, the toy has retained scalloped gloves despite a more classic color scheme. The modern sculpt also misses Tim Drake's original skinny belt in favor of the modern toy's pouches. Personally, I'm okay with the toy taking a retro color bath, if only to glimpse what could have been before Drake switched to his Red Robin mantle.

Nit-picking aside, the new 2-packs give collectors who may have missed DCUC waves 2 and 3 a chance to pick up toys they hadn't caught the first time around without paying secondary market prices. I'm torn on picking up the Aquaman one myself. Is gold better than ocean camo swirls? What's a collector to do?

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