In keeping with previously-seen reveals, Mattel will keep on cranking out "New 52" and Injustice: Gods Among Us fighting game figures in its DC Unlimited line in 2013. DC Unlimited's third series will include New 52 versions of Aquaman and the Jim Lee-designed Darkseid, with Superman and an as-yet unrevealed Joker getting the Injustice treatment. Though the new figure images are prototypes, the gist of each design is pretty clear. Supes is about as slim as the upcoming Injustice Batman, while Aquaman seems like he'll fit in with the much bulkier New 52 Wonder Woman, Batman, Superman, Batgirl and Flash figures. Unlike Mattel's New 52 Justice Leaguers, which seem to visually mesh with their slightly less-articulated DC Collectibles contemporaries, the upcoming Darkseid seems pretty different from the bulky DCD offering, but again, it's just a prototype. You can see what you think of the upcoming DC Unlimited figures after the cut.

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