The movie itself may wind up being conventional and boring, but the marketing for Suicide Squad has been delightful and unpredictable right from the start. The trailers, the ads, and artwork have all sold the fact that this is not your ordinary superhero movie; these “heroes” are actually villains forced into savior mode by a deal with the U.S. Government. The film’s two new posters are no exception. Even the way the stock credits are displayed is unusual (on top instead of bottom). This Suicide Squad, they don’t play by your rules, man! Not even your advertising rules! They take your rules and they laugh at them, and then maybe Jared Leto sends them a rat or something because he’s really quite Method about this whole Joker thing.

This first poster turns the cast including Leto, Will Smith, and Margot Robbie into a mushroom cloud of madness. And eyeballs. There’s like six eyeballs. I’m honestly not sure what that’s all about. (Click both pictures to get their mega big versions.)


And here’s the IMAX poster which I like even better, which is basically an ad for the movie-inspired breakfast cereal we will sadly never see:


“Worst Heroes Ever” is a good tagline (and certainly the Comic Book Guy would approve) but “We Need Them Bad” is a great tagline, and I like the idea of conflating this movie with the sugar rush that hits you after a good bowl of cereal. It’s like that, but with more guys who look like lizards and Will Smith and junk. Suicide Squad opens on August 5.


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