While we weren't completely sold on the first few promos for James Gunn's Super, a black comedy centering around a loser jostled into costumed crime fighting by jilted love, Yahoo! Movies' newly-released official trailer helps flesh out the film's approach to subverting superhero fiction. Check out the added context after the cut.Super sees a presumably un-lovable, but maybe likeable loser lose his wife (Liv Tyler) to a charming drug dealer (Kevin Bacon). The loss unhinges the dude enough that he decides to don a costume and beat crime with a wrench as The Crimson Bolt with the help of a local comic book shop employee, Boltie (Ellen Page).

It's a little difficult not to draw obvious thematic connections to Kick-Ass et. al when talking about Super, especially considering its apparent focus on obnoxious violence for comedy. Where this film seems to differ, however, is that Rainn Wilson's character doesn't know anything about superheroes to begin with. The Crimson Bolt doesn't seem to be a reflection of comic book (specifically superhero) fandom as much as a non comic book fan commandeering a misguided view of the medium for his own selfish purposes. That perspective seems fertile enough for a fresher take on "real world" superhero comedy... provided Boltie's psychotic and murderous ways aren't the only other portrayal of the Wednesday crowd in the film.

Super arrives in theaters on April 1.

See what you make of the full trailer below:

[Via Yahoo]

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