Activision and Beenox's The Amazing Spider-Man video game may be acting as a sequel to this summer's Spidey film, story-wise, but it seems to have plenty in common with its source material on the visual side of things. The latest promo for the game spotlights its "Web Rush" mechanic, which gives players the chance to alternate between first-person and third-person views to slow down time and make a variety of strategic gameplay decisions on-the-fly. In a video narrated by the game's executive producer, Brent Nicholas, Spidey can be seen responding to his environment with stealth (sneaking up on a gun-toting bad guy and webbing him to the ceiling) or a distinctly more direct approach in combat situations (leaping on the hood of a getaway car and punching dudes).

So far the mechanic seems a bit reminiscent of how the Webslinger's spider-sense has been visually represented in past films and games, so it should be interesting to see more of it in action (and if Stan Lee will have it) when the game arrives on current-gen consoles on July 3.

You can see The Amazing Spider-Man Web Rush mechanic in action below:

[Via HeroHQ]

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