A lot of ThunderCats fans have been concerned by the recently relaunched series' noted absence at this past year's Toy Fair and on Cartoon Network's new season guide. Well, regardless of whether it provides any assurance of a second season or just a holdover of marketing efforts that were already in motion, those fans should be pleased to discover that Namco Bandai and Aspect Digital have a new ThunderCats video game for the Nintendo DS (not 3DS, sadly) set to drop in August. Players will control Lion-O (with assists from fellow cats Tygra, Cheetara, Panthro, and WilyKit/WilyKat) as he cuts down evil lizard guys and charge up the Sword of Omens. The game seems like a fairly standard 2D action game, but I doubt most players will mind since it seems to let them shout "ThunderCats Ho!" and clear a screen of foes. Check out five screen shots from the upcoming ThunderCats DS game after the cut.

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