Possibly my favorite part about the current production publicity of Logan is the set’s Instagram account, economically named @wponx. It’s been active for this latest round of shooting, about a month, and has delivered us a bunch of cast and set details while also doubling as a simply stunning black and white photography account. The latest photo, posted yesterday, shows the Wolverine in standard Wolverine fighting pose, standing over what appears to be a body in someone’s backyard.

Who knew that Wolverine had such #aesthetic?

It’s not clear who this body is (or used to be) or where this is taking place. Is this Logan’s house? Does he have to fight off someone who’s tracked him down, possibly in an opening scene of the movie? Or is he the aggressor, breaking into somewhere he shouldn’t be? The only information we have aside from what’s in the photo is the caption: “Silence.” It’s probably not a reference to the upcoming Scorcese movie, but one thing is for certain: Wolverine and his claws are back, and not ready to retire just yet.

Logan is said to have a “darker, grittier” tone than other X-Men movies of the past, as evidenced by the fantastic Johnny Cash-themed trailer. It’ll also be rated R, the first X-Men movie to have achieved that. Speaking about how the movie differs from other superhero outings, director James Mangold said:

We had to free ourselves from some assumptions that had existed in the past, and be able to change the tone a bit. Not merely to change for change’s sake, but also to make something that’s speaking to the culture now, that’s not just the same style — how many times can they save the world in one way or another? How can we construct a story that’s built more on character and character issues, in a way as if it almost wasn’t a superhero movie, yet it features their powers and struggles and themes?

Logan opens in theaters March 3, 2017.