Missed New York Comic-Con? ComicsAlliance was there to catch all the biggest news, and we'll have lots more to come this week about the most important comics, creators, and announcements from the weekend in New York. In the meantime, check out our complete list of announcements and coverage so far of NYCC!

Marvel Comics:

--Marvel Reduces the Price of All New Comic Books to $2.99

--"Astonishing Captain America" Announced, Daniel Way on "Astonishing X-Men"

--Jason Aaron on "Ultimate Captain America," New "Alias" From Bendis

--Bendis and Maleev on "Moon Knight," Waid on "Ruse," and the Marvel/ESPN Team-Up

--Iron Man Jumps to #500, War Machine Gets "Iron Man 2.0" Series

--"X-Men: Serve & Protect," "Wolverine & Jubilee" Miniseries

--"Marvel Vs. Capcom 3" Reveals Magneto, MODOK and New Alternate Costumes

--Bendis and Oeming Bringing All-Ages "Takio" to Icon

--New 'Marvel Super Hero Squad: The Infinity Gauntlet'Video Game Screens

--Dark Horse To Launch Digital Comics App With $1.49 Comics in January

--"The Adventures of Dr. McNinja" Comes to Dark Horse

-- "Dollhouse," "The Guild: Vork," and Manga by "Hellsing" and "Trigun" Creators

Everything Else:

--Graphic Novel Sales Down 20%, Digital Comics Up Over 1000% in 2010

--"Robot Chicken" Talks About New Season, Macaulay Culkin Shows Up

-- Venture Bros. Creators Talk Nathan Fillion and Dr. Girlfriend's Nip-Slip

-- BOOM! Studios Announces $1.99 Digital Comics, 'Farscape' on the iPad

-- Mega Man Series at Archie Comics

--Richie Rich Returns at Ape Entertainment

--Nick Spencer's "Infinite Vacation" at Image Comics