Last month at Toy Fair, fans found out that Mattel's toy interpretations of Cartoon Network's new Young Justice animated series would be delivered in two lines: One 6" wave stylized after the show, but otherwise compatible with DC Universe Classics and another 4.5" line with articulation more in line with the Justice League Unlimited toys (roughly 5 points of articulation). Entertainment Earth's got a little from column A and a little from column B available for preorder today, including new images of the 6" Robin, plus a breakdown of how the 4.5" figure 2-pack configurations.The basic figure breakdown so far sees versions of Artemis, Robin and Aqualad (not up on EE, but was seen at Toy Fair), plus at least four two-packs that include match-ups of Batman and Robin, Aquaman and Aqualad, Ra's Al Ghul and Cheshire, and Flash and Kid Flash. Alas, no official Flaming C action figure just yet.

It's notable that while the YJ 6" figures wont' come with pieces of a build-a-figure like traditional DC Universe Classics toys, they will come with character-specific bases. They don't appear to be connectable, but should make for a pretty beefy shelf display for collectors nonetheless.

See the new Young Justice action figure images below:

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