Nina Matsumoto is far from unknown in the world of comics. Her manga-style "The Simpsons" masterpiece put on the map for a lot of people, and she periodically pencils stories in Bongo's official Simpsons series. Her efforts there even netted her an Eisner back in 2009. You're missing out on her full range of art powers if you haven't seen the Calvin and Hobbes, Futurama and other mashups housed by her deviantART gallery, however.
From bringing a little humanity to Sideshow Bob to giving Clint Eastwood some Pussycat ears and a guitar, she's tweaked scads of pop culture icons and moved them outside of their traditional aesthetic comfort zones.

Matsumoto keeps a regularly updated gallery on her personal website at, too. It's equipped with all sorts of quirky video game, Beavis and Butthead and Barack Obama pieces. Appreciate the madness of Bender singing with Beck, witness Bart become a Norman Rockwell subject, and pick up one of her books if you take a notion.

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