Over the past few years, Noelle Stevenson's Nimona has essentially become an unstoppable juggernaut of success. Originally running as a webcomic starting in 2012, the 2015 hardcover collection was a New York Times bestseller, one of the best reviewed graphic novels of the year, won the Eisner award for Best Graphic Album Reprint, was nominated for the National Book Award, and got a handful of other awards from places like Publisher's Weekly. With Stevenson's expressive, fine linework and the compelling story of a shape-shifting delinquent named Nimona who joins up with the supervillain Balister Blackheart in his quest to bring down the corrupt government of their sci-fi fantasy kingdom.

If, however, you somehow missed the original webcomic run or that award-winning hardcover, take heart! There's a new way to experience Nimona coming soon. Today, Stevenson announced that a full-cast audiobook version of her story is available for pre-order at Audible.



The audio version of Nimona features the voice cast of Rebecca Soler, Jonathan Davis, Marc Thompson, January LaVoy, Natalie Gold, Peter Bradbury, and David Pittu, with a runtime of two hours and seventeen minutes.

It's worth noting that Audible's description of Nimona refers to it as an unabridged audiobook rather than an adaptation, which raises some interesting questions about how that's going to work. Comics are, after all, a visual medium, and Nimona relies on a lot of sight gags for humor that might not translate well to an audio-only format.

A scene like this, for instance, presents a challenge:



... but now that I say that, I'm really kind of hoping that a narrator just pops in for that otherwise dialogue-free panel to say something like "Editor's Note: Nimona is now a shark."

Either way, as a fan of the book, I'm interested to see it in a new format. It's great that a story like this can be brought to a new audience, and it's even greater that we're all going to get the chance to hear lines like this spoken aloud in deadly seriousness:



The Nimona audiobook will be released on October 4.