We might be big fans of cosplay on ComicsAlliance, but we're bigger fans of the creators that make the worlds they celebrate possible. We hit Artist's Alley and the (very, very crowded) floor of his year's New York Comic-Con and tried to capture just a few of the talented individuals who had made the trek to the Javits Center.

All photos by Kevin Church. Yes, they're in black and white.

Scott C of Double Fine Action Comics:

Darwyn Cooke, taking a break from Parker:

Katie Cook (who wants to remind you that she's 32 weeks pregnant):

Sara Pichelli, co-creator of Miles Morales:

Star Wars: Legacy writers Corinna Bechko and Gabriel Hardman:

Jim Mahfood pauses during a graffiti-inspired commission:

Hit artist Vanesa R. Del Rey:

Marvel Comics artist Mark Brooks:

Yasmin Liang had gorgeous prints on offer:

Letterer, editor and writer Rachel Deering:

Artist Declan Shalvey poses for his author photo:

The Wake artist Sean Gordon Murphy:

Art Baltazar of Tiny Titans and more:

Drawing the upcoming Wonder Woman: Earth One is thirsty work for Yanick Paquette:

Hit writer Bryce Carlson:

Stephen Mooney talks up Half Past Danger:

The dynamic duo of Maris Wicks and Joe Quinones:

Franco Aureliani of Aw Yeah! Comics and much more:

Team Trip Fantastic: Mac Hamilton, Jason Baxter and Derek Charm:

Ramón Pérez, who will wow you with his Uncanny X-Force covers:

Steve McNiven works on a commission:

Fred Van Lente and Ryan Dunlavey have a new comic, Action Presidents:

Scott Wegener and Brian Clevinger of Atomic Robo

Chrissie Zullo, whose Fables covers are perfect:

Legendary comics artist Michael Golden:

David Lloyd, co-creator of V For Vendetta:

The avuncular Klaus Janson had original art and more:

Georges Jeanty sketches in a fan's Buffy hardcover:

Shaolin Cowboy creator Geof Darrow sorts through art:

Jim Cheung talks to fans:

Harley Quinn cover artist Amanda Conner:

Tony Daniel wants to make sure we capture his good side:

King's Watch artist Marc Laming works on a commission:

Inker Bob Wiacek pauses for the camera:

The Skullkickers team of Jim Zub and Edwin Huang were busy:

Jeremy Dale of Skyward talks to fans:

Writer Kieron Gillen at the Image booth for Three: