Depending on exactly where you've poked your browser within the great and terrible labyrinth that is the internet, you may familiar with Rule 34, which states that if you can imagine it, there is porn of it.

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But I submit as a corollary that even if you hold this truth to be self-evident -- that every single person, animal, or thing, fictional or real, alive or dead, will invariably be perverted in horrible, disturbing ways -- you will still eventually encounter an image on the internet that manages to make something inside you die.

Today, it came courtesy of a lovingly hand-crafted Pokemon accessory on the Etsy fail site, Regretsy. If you've ever imagined coating Pikachu's face with the bloody lining of your uterus, then today is the day that your dreams come true. (Thanks, Chris)

Update: CA reader "horrorgasm" adds some familiar cats to the mix.
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