Ever since it was founded back in 1992, Image Comics has been one of the driving forces in American comic books. Whether it was those early days of Spawn and Youngblood or the more recent critically acclaimed hits like Powers, Saga and The Manhattan Projects, the publisher's a vital part of the rise and enduring popularity of creator-owned comics, often releasing some of the best things going.

This week, New York's One-Shot Gallery kicked off a show celebrating 22 years of Image with art inspired by the publisher's long roster of titles. Curiously, The Rob's work seems to be underrepresented, but there's still a lot of great stuff from artists like Paigey, Amy Reeder and Hoang Tran, whose carved crayon sculptures are basically amazing.


Absolute Madness by Beau Berkeley, inspired by Madman:

The Stalk by Ashley Fisher, inspired by Saga:


Spawn by Alex Leighton, inspired by Spawn:


The Guardian by Damon O'Keefe and The Jungle Queen by Daisy Church, inspired by The Maxx:


Gravity by Alex Meichi Li, inspired by Rocket Girl:


Ladytron by Paigey, inspired by Wildcats:


Temporal Oppenheimer by Louie Van Patten, inspired by Manhattan Projects:


Spawn by Cuyler Smith, inspired by Spawn:


Invincible and Spawn by Hoang Tran, inspired by Invincible and Spawn:


VNNN! by Panda Musk, inspired by WildC.A.T.s


Check out the full gallery at One-Shot's website.