Space Battle Lunchtime is about a reality cooking show, which is already getting me excited. From Master Chef to Chopped to the Great British Bake-Off, I'm a big fan of the genre (although not Top Chef—too heavy on reality show drama, if you ask me), and I'm also into comics that are about things I like that nobody's made a comic about before.

But as the name implies, Space Battle Lunchtime isn't about just any reality cooking show, it's about one that happens in Outer Space! Even more exciting! SBL tells the story of Peony, a baker from Earth who gets a last-minute chance to compete in the universe's most popular cooking show, but might not be ready for the treacherous world of space-cooking.

Space Battle Lunchtime is the creation of writer/artist Natalie Riess, who's also responsible for the web comic Snarlbear. Like Space Battle Lunchtime, Snarlbear tells the story of a girl from Earth who's out of her element and possibly in over her head, but in that case it's the monster-filled Rainbow Dimension, rather than intergalactic reality TV.

Although Riess is handling the art for the book, Oni Press is letting us exclusively reveal to you a variant by Carey Pietsch, artist on Adventure Time: Marceline Gone Adrift. Space Battle Lunchtime is available for pre-order now, and will be in stores on May 4.

Here's the official synopsis from Oni Press:

Space Battle Lunchtime #1
(W/A/C) Natalie Riess
Retailer incentive variant cover by Carey Pietsch
In Stores: 5/4/2016
Space Battle Lunchtime is a hit show broadcast all over the universe, and the new season is about to start! When one of the competing chefs drops out at the last minute, an aspiring baker from earth, Peony, gets the opportunity of a lifetime (and a chance at a 20,000 Solarbuck prize!). But is she ready for the cutthroat world of intergalactic cooking?