Like The Simpsons is for so many of us, Calvin and Hobbes has for years been a source that I can almost always reference, no matter the situation, in a way that's somehow germane to the topic at hand. After more than a decade of daily and brilliant content, Bill Watterson's timeless strip grew to be a seemingly endless provenance of hilarious, random, absurd, touching and thought provoking reference. Now, thanks to the efforts of one fan, there's a place to go to instantly look up any and every topic Calvin and Hobbes ever covered, even tangentially. And just like that, the internet has finally fulfilled its one true purpose

Created by Michael Yingling (whose nickname is apparently Bing) the Calvin and Hobbes search engine is pretty much exactly what you'd hope. Simply enter any term and it instantly gives you every strip that phrase ever appeared in, along with the strips release date and every compilation each one has ever appeared in. Basically, this thing is going to revolutionize how I obnoxiously reference C&H to friends who aren't at all familiar with it.

So the next time someone threatens to clean your clock if you knock their smock, and you think "Wait, I think I know where that's from", you can get your answer immediately, no matter where you are. It's a beautiful thing.

(Via Gizmodo)

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