Earlier today, we posted a review of the free Craftsman Bolt-On™ System Saves the Justice League custom comic that's available for download now and will be handed out for free by DC at New York Comic Con next week. A cross promotion with Craftsman, the comic stars The Technician, the Justice League's on-call handyman who fixes everything they ask him to with the use of his do-it-all electric Bolt-On screwdriver. A simple but fun advertisement for Craftman's all-purpose tool, the comic is a pretty good time. But things take a somewhat unfortunate turn when Cyborg, the only non-white member of the Justice League, is colored as... a white member of the Justice League.Fortunately, the error doesn't take place throughout the entire comic, but it does happen twice. First, in the fifth panel of page 1 (which is also Cyborg's first appearance in the story):

And again on page 4:

In addition to his newfound melanin fluidity, Cyborg also seems to have developed the ability to lose and regrow his hair at a moments notice. Perhaps it's just a cyborg thing, and we wouldn't understand.

It seems likely that this is nothing more than an innocent, but rather unfortunate, mistake. But, as Chris Sims pointed out to me earlier, maybe there's something more to it. Could this possibly be a metaphor? Perhaps, even with his propensity for repairing everything the Justice League could ever ask him to, the one thing the Technician can't fix is our nation's deep-seated issues with race.

So, White Cyborg: innocent error, or long overdue social commentary? I choose to believe the latter. Because really, who doesn't love a good metaphor?

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