It's the pop culture mash-up you never expected - or, arguably, wanted: A Ron Paul-supporting remake of the Pokemon animated series theme song, as sung by the guy who sang the original. Yes, "why?" is a perfectly legitimate question to ask in response.

The singer in question is Jason Paige, beloved (if anonymous) vocalist on the 1998 Pokemon theme, who explained this remake on YouTube like this:

The Pokemon theme is a perfect song for the Ron Paul Revolution, as he racks up the delegates. Almost all the original lyrics fit as is. I Sang the original theme song in 1998 and thought this would be a great update on a classic. Share if you care. There are MILLIONS of Pokemon fans who'll join the revolution. Go Ron Paul!

The oddest thing about this song -- which, for the faithful and/or lovers of the obscure can be downloaded as an mp3 here -- may be that it was only uploaded last week, meaning that the support for Paul and his delegate count comes significantly after Mitt Romney has claimed the Republican nomination. Don't get me wrong, it's a catchy song and all (with the side effect of making me imagine Paul as a bright yellow Pikachu), but when it comes to delegates or the nomination, Ron Paul really has no hope anymore of catching them all... or even most of them, by this point. Maybe he should save it for a potential 2016 campaign...?

[Via Kotaku]