He may have just died (again) in the comic books, but Professor Charles Xavier looks set to live on on the big screen, if a tease from the man who plays him is anything to go by. Yes, Sir Patrick Stewart seems to have given the game away that we'll see him return as everyone's favorite bald telepath before too long.Newsarama has the story that Stewart, during a recent appearance at the Montreal Comic Convention, told fans that "there is every possibility" that he'll play Xavier again at some point, going on to say "I'll be reprising..." before being cut off by his son Daniel, presumably trying to keep the identity of the particular movie secret (But, come on: It's going to be The Wolverine, right? He was in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, after all).

Apparently, before Stewart could go on to drop any more hints about where to expect the older Xavier next - The younger version, played by James McAvoy, will return in the follow-up to X-Men: First Class mooted for a July 2014 release - the conversation was quickly turned away from the subject of X-Men and towards other topics. But, clearly Stewart is ready to spill the beans. If anyone happens to bump into him at their local Starbucks, just ask. And then feel free to email us to share afterwards.