Paul Maybury has shown up all over the place since his webcomic Party Bear first appeared with Act-I-Vate. He's gone on to collaborate with with writer Mark Andrew Smith on their original graphic novel Aqua Leung at Image Comics and even contribute to Marvel's relaunched Strange Tales comics, among other publications. Maybury's work breathes with the same kinds of waves and wobbly lines that Paul Pope loves, and he's got a keen grasp on things when it comes to combining clearly-defined figures with abstract shapes and elements.
Check out the heroes and fantasy subjects he's played with over on his deviantART account and you'll see how well he handles techy characters like Iron Man, as well as giant eagles protecting their eggs.

Maybury's at his best when he's drawing suits of armor and rich character designs with lots of textures. Those skills are all on display in his post-apocalyptic landscapes and sketches there. We've also posted a few of our favorites below as usual.

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