On sale now from Night Shade Books is Prepare to Die!, a superhero novel by Paul Tobin. The writer is best known for his prodigious work on such comics as Gingerbread Girl, Falling Skies, The Amazing Spider-Girl, the new MonkeyBrain series Bandette and much more in the comic book realm, but the publication of his prose novel Prepare to Die! prompted some readers to worry that Tobin would be leaving the comics medium. The good news is that Tobin is not leaving comics! The bad news is that he had to for the purposes of Prepare to Die!, because superhero comics don't allow for the kind of characterization he's interested in as an author. Tobin explained the phenomenon extremely elegantly in a comic strip he wrote and drew last week. Check it out below.

Paul Tobin's Prepare to Die! is on sale now in bookstores.