You ever post something to Twitter that's just so incredibly funny but none of your jerk-ass friends bother to reweet it so you can earn the praise and adoration of countless Tweeps you don't even know and you just wish somebody was watching? Well, somebody is: T. Jason Agnello, creator of the @Peanutweeter blog. The site compiles random, amusing tweets with stock Peanuts artwork by Charles M. Schulz. The results are frequently hilarious, and you can check out some of our favorites below.

While remixing the sacrosanct Peanuts work of Schultz is inescapably sacrilegious, the cartoons that emerge from the @Peanutweeter blog on Tumblr make strong arguments for their existence. Agnello has a great talent for matching Twitter jokes, ragequits and other non-sequiturs with the appropriate Peanuts character. Naturally, the viciously acerbic Lucy appears quite a lot to put a face on the Twitter population's penchant for condemnation and iconoclasm.

@Peanutweeter does include remarks from celebrities on Twitter including Sarah Silverman, Seth MacFarlane and Kim Kardashian, but Agnello told Wired that he takes pains to discover feeds that aren't as "Twitter famous" as they are "Twitter awesome." So keep making those jokes, and maybe you too will find your wit plugged into one of Charles Schulz's classic creations and all the desperate validation that comes with it (please pick me).