The minds behind Showtime’s Penny Dreadful adamantly insisted they’d made the choice to end the series after Season 3, even as viewers going in had no idea they were witnessing the end. Well, it turns out they weren’t! Penny Dreadful will return in 2017 after all, at least in the form of a comic continuation that aptly reflects the series’ namesake.

Showtime gave dejected fans of the series a very happy Halloween, announcing the new comic over Twitter, albeit without announcing a creative team or many official details as of yet. At the very least, we know the Penny Dreadful comic is indeed a sequel series, set six months after the deadly finale:



Of course, six months later leaves it questionable if we’ll see Eva Green’s Vanessa Ives again, given the character’s demise, but what’s Penny Dreadful without its most important character? After all, Showtime was open to continuing the series for Season 4, though creator John Logan felt Vanessa’s story had come to a natural end, and Showtime boss David Nevins noted “it needed Vanessa or it wasn’t smart to continue the show beyond Vanessa.”

We’ll see what develops as we get closer to 2017, but what famous creatures might be unearthed by more Penny Dreadful?

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