Arguably the most influential voice from DC's original "Young Justice" comic book is back for more. From Comic-Con comes news that Peter David will be writing for Cartoon Network's upcoming "Young Justice" animated series.

From David's blog:

First, I neglected to mention yesterday that I attended the presentation of the "Young Justice" animated series. The audience reaction seems overwhelmingly positive, and I'm glad to hear it, because (and I am now free to mention it) I'm going to be writing several episodes for the series. I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to reconnect with the characters, even if there are some differences between the guys I wrote and the new incarnation. I would love to tell you all about my first episode, but I'm afraid that it's...oh, what's the word...Secret.

While originally united by Todd Dezago, David's lengthy run on pretty much defined YJ for a lot of readers. I mean, his sense of fun made a concept like "Little Lobo" work. Whether or not David's hint at the series' inclusion of Secret will pan out remains to be seen. Perhaps a closer look at the character designs posted in the YJ behind-the-scenes video is warranted? I know I atleast saw an old Mary Marvel clipping on that board...[Via iFanboy]

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