Peter Dinklage, probably best known as Tyrion Lannister in the Game of Thrones series, was recently announced to be joining the cast of the upcoming 2014 X-Men: Days of Future Past movie, directed by Bryan Singer. Rumors suggest that Dinklage will play everyone's second favorite short, hairy Canadian Marvel character.The movie is rumored to be based on Chris Claremont and John Byrne's "Days of Future Past" storyline from Uncanny X-Men #141 and 142, and is ostensibly a sequel to X-Men: First Class, with Bryan Singer returning to direct the rebooted X-Men series after his 2000 X-Men and 2003 X:2.

Dinklage's role in the film hasn't been announced as of yet, although fan speculation is hard at work casting him as Canada's favorite height-diminished Superhero that isn't Wolverine, Puck. With his newly starring role in Marvel's high-profile Uncanny X-Force comic, written by Sam Humphries and drawn by Ron Garney, it looks like we might be entering a new era of Puck-popularity.

Dinklage joins returning actors Hugh Jackman (X-Men), Ian McKellen (X:2), Patrick Stewart (Star Trek), and more for the sequel, currently slated for release on July 18, 2014

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