Isn't Peter Sarsgaard so dreamy? It's not wonder why innocent girls like Carey Mulligan are so easily seduced by those sleepy eyes and prize-winning smile. Of course, that all goes out the window now that we've seen him transformed into Hector Hammond, Hal Jordan's nemesis in the upcoming Green Lantern film.

Sky Showbiz's new photo definitely kills worries that the film makers might want Hammond to be less grotesque for the sake of audiences. Not only does he have a massive dome now, but his face seems misshapen. And he's even sporting the famous Hector Hammond 'stache! Good deal.

The real question is, is this as far as his mutation will go? In the comics, Hammond's head grows to such a size that it's roughly the size of his upper body, making him an invalid since he can't support his own weight if he tries to walk.So are we going to see it go that far? Is Hammond going to move around on a floating chair? Is he going to be robbed of the power of speech, like in the comics, and only communicate telepathically?

Another question is, would those elements work in a live-action film? Telepathic communication works in comics because all we have are static images anyway, but would we want to see a film where Sarsgaard just stares menacingly as his voice-over echoes over the speakers? Do we want to see his head get bigger than this? Would that be freakish or silly in live-action?

We'll just have to wait and see what the folks behind the scenes decide to do when "Green Lantern" arrives in theaters next summer.

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