Most Pokéfans are probably familiar with Nintendo's promotional Pikachu VW Bugs from the late '90s, but it seems some lucky Japanese Kindergartners have now claimed a bold (and extremely enviable) new fusion of automobile and pocket monster with the Pikachu bus.

Kotaku's got shots of an Osaka bus designed to ferry area youngsters to Kindergarten, but I'm pretty sure even closet American trainers in their '20s wouldn't mind tooling around in it given the chance.

Just looking at the shiny bus modded with various Pokéballs plus Mew and Munchlax ornaments has me wondering why I haven't yet picked up Nintendo's latest "Heart Gold and Soul Silver" release on the DS. Then I remember that I haven't successfully completed a single entry into the series since "Pokémon Yellow" in 1999 despite an ongoing compulsion to collect the cartridges.

I'd like to think I've moved on, but given that I'm currently daydreaming of mowing down Gary on the cycling road in this thing I'm not sure it's even possible to shake my Pokéaddiction at this point. Next to the Catbus, this thing may be my favorite vehicle for fictional flights of fancy now.

[Via Kotaku]