On the list of cartoons I love enough to obsess over, Pokemon and Adventure Time both rank pretty highly. As a result, I was pretty thrilled when Kotaku informed us all of a 95-second short film from the voice of Lumpy Space Princess (and Adventure Time creator) Pendleton Ward and ComicsAlliance favorite artist and animator Natasha Allegri made that explores a rarely seen side of Ash Ketchum's relationship with his favorite Pokemon, Pikachu. Specifically, the part of their relationship where Ash teaches Pikachu the proper way to fart. I'm not quite sure that was what the creators of Pokemon meant when they wrote "you teach me and I'll teach you," but it makes for a pretty entertaining cartoon. Check it out after the cut!

There are a lot of things about this video that are fantastic, but there are three in particular that really stick out to me. First, Ash's completely in-character ruination of a fancy cake-filled lunch date with Misty. Will those two crazy kids ever get together?

Second, I've seen an awful lot of speculation on Ash's relationship with his perpetually absent father -- I personally subscribe to the theory that he's a product of Delia's troubled criminal youth and a relationship with Team Rocket boss Giovanni. Ash's cheery, off-hand line "my dad taught me that trick before he left my mom" might contradict that, but it's an insight into his youth that we don't often see. Could this be the only moral lesson Ash learned that was not directly related to raising adorable creatures to be super-awesome at beating the living hell out of each other? Any cartoon can make you laugh, but this one touches your heart too.

Third, and perhaps most importantly, it finally provides an actual reason why Pikachu doesn't ever want to stay in his Pokeball. Seriously, did you hear how long that windjammer was that he let out at the end? One stray spark and that thing would explode.

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