This week Americans will gather 'round their respective tables with friends and family to reflect on all of the things they're thankful for. Delicious food is generally what folks focus on, sure, but it's important not to forget about a Thanksgiving table's all-important centerpiece. After all, how are you supposed to add depth to turkey/tofurkey Instagram photos without some extra pilgrim-looking jazz around? With this in mind, we've collected a few action figure options that can help transform your day off from work from "perfectly acceptable" to "more pilgrim-ed than average." Hit the jump for four pilgrim action figure recommendations to spice up your Thanksgiving.


Witch-Hunter Batman

Witch Hunter Batman DC action figure
DC Direct


Despite his history of comic book and film appearances, Robert E. Howard's Solomon Kane has never received an action figure. The cockel-hatted "Witch-Hunter Batman" from Grant Morrison, Chris Sprouse and Frazer Irving's "The Return of Bruce Wayne" storyline will do in a pinch, and you can even skim over his complicated origin by telling guests this is a Kenner Legends of Batman toy based on some Elseworlds story instead of a 2010 quest to return Batman from time-displaced "death" at the hands of the manifestation of human evil. Or, if you want to distract your company from talking about politics or sex or whatever, you can totally just read them David Uzumeri's annotations to that storyline. It's a solid way to fill a few hours.



Wetworks Pilgrim action figures
Ebay users 763jeffm/tcavtri179


Released as part of McFarlane Toys' Wetworks line in 1996, Whilce Portacio's Major Maritza Blackbird received both standard and golden symbiote-armored action figures in 1996. Despite a filecard that reads "Arguably the military’s most deadly sniper, Major Maritza Blackbird has been trained to blend into any surrounding to utilize her lethal talent," the prudish pilgrims probably would've taken some issue with her impractical attire choices... but no more than a military officer. How's all that flowing hair supposed to fit into a helmet without snagging? Your Thanksgiving guests will simply appreciate that Pilgrim comes with implausibly large weapons that can double as serving utensils.


Scott Pilgrim

Scott Pilgrim action figure Mezco


Available in green and purple-shirted (and open and closed-mouth) varieties from Mezco, the Scott Pilgrim action figure is unique on this list as a character who is probably unimpressed with hats with buckles on them. After all, his Canadian Thanksgiving was like a month ago. Depending on what fanfiction you've read, though, Scott might've moved to America by now to have 100 babies with his main squeeze Ramona Flowers, giving him a pass as a Thanksgiving table topper. Or you can just mumble something about "irony" when asked about it by your friends and pass the Hawaiian sweet rolls.


Wing Commander's Pilgrim Traitor

Wing Commander Pilgirm Traitor

Technically the toy likeness of Freddie "Blair" Prinze Jr. and a few others would suit Thanksgiving's "pilgrim" theme just fine, but we'll save you some time by recommending the Wing Commander movie toy line's "Pilgrim Traitor" figure because... uh... it's got a brown suit? Like... gravy? And he kinda looks like he's wearing a football helmet? Okay, just find the FPJr. toy instead. That'll impress your guests more. That dude rules.

Pilgrim from Priest

Priest Pilgrim

Though the utterly creepy Pilgrim didn't appear in the 2011 live action Priest movie by name, he's a major player Hyung Min-woo's manhwa it's based on. How2Work's 1/6 scale toy take on the gagged freak (and his included coffin) is probably the most imposing toy on this list, but his cloth costume will class up your decor since we both know you're not going to bother with a tablecloth this year. We're not judging. Why risk the wine stains?

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