Play Imaginative's Jim Lee-designed New 52 Justice League lineup continues to expand with a new Super Alloy Green Lantern boasting the line's usual 12" scale, approximately 80% die-cast construction and heap of accessories set to arrive by the end of the year.

On top of 25 points of articulation, the figure also features LED lights in its eyes, chest and the ring on its fist hand, plus its power battery accessory. Unlike every toy commercial ever has conditioned humankind to assume, batteries on this bad boy are totally included. Best of all, the lights can be activated via a packaged die-cast remote control so you can... potentially... use it behind your back and tell people you pulled off the effect using willpower.

On the accessory side, this GL packs the aforementioned power battery, multiple swappable hands, transparent "construct" body armor, a base stand, a foldable backdrop, a hard case box with metal plate logo, a microfibre cleaning cloth and even a screwdriver to swap batteries when the time comes. That's dadburn considerate.

Fans set on owning their own mostly-metal Hal Jordan can expect to shell out around $360 when the toy arrives in December. Those who're able to attend the Singapore Toy, Games & Comic Convention this weekend will have access to an exclusive version of the toy that comes packed with all of the usual items, plus an interchangeable "angry" battle damaged head with LED light eyes and a battle damaged body armor construct sans weapon.

You can see images of the exclusive version of the figure below. Just mentally omit the bonus parts to keep from getting STGCC envy.



[Via Play Imaginative]