To promote this fall's launch of its Pokémon anime based on the Nintendo DS's forthcoming "Pokémon: Black and White" games, TV Tokyo now has an official preview site giving fans a closer look at "Pocket Monsters: Best Wishes'" new protagonists. Is it just us, or do they look a little too well-dressed to walk endlessly through tall grass?

Along with the launch of the site, Anime News Network reports that the station aired several 5-second teaser commercials featuring PKMN:B&W's supposed starting pokémon of Mijumaru, Pokabu and Tsutaaja along with a mysterious shadowy figure. I'm not entirely sure who the new little dude is between Ash's new companions Iris and Reimu, but he looks like he could be positioned to be the next Pikachu in terms of exposure. Based on cuteness alone, this new fella seems somewhat inferior to the 'Chu-ster, but who knows? Maybe he's awesome? New pkmn #000 Victini seems to have potential, so I'll wait to judge Isshu's new additions until the anime hits later this year.

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