With "Pokémon: Black" and "Pokémon: White" headed for the Nintendo DS this fall in Japan, it's no surprise that a brand new anime series is scheduled to accompany it following the conclusion of its current incarnation as "Pokemon - Diamond and Pearl." What is a little surprising, however, is the upcoming series' seeming complimentary closing.

Japan's TV Tokyo announced this week that the new series will be called "Pokémon: Best Wishes!" I ran the title by CA editor Laura Hudson (who used to live in Japan and now teaches Japanese to me to protect me from foolish assumptions), who said that the title is just a transliteration of the English words "best wish," and that it's suitable in the context of the Japanese use of English loanwords in pop culture. Or something. I stopped listening when it became apparent that I probably shouldn't really mock the title.Interestingly, the show's promo image seems to lack longtime Poképrotagonist Ash in favor of two new silhouetted trainers. It's only a promo image, however, meaning the iconic boy from Palette Town may still live on (or may just have just ditched his hat). When the series is inevitably localized for American audiences, I suspect the literal translation won't make the jump. Perhaps something more along the lines of "Pokémon: Isshu Adventures?" Or maybe "Pokémon: Keep Watching or We'll Hurt Your Family?"

Further Googling shows that "Best Wishes!" may have something to do with the new series' new land of Isshu, since "u-Isshu" is the Japanese transliteration of the word "wish," and I know Japan likes its puns. I mean, I like puns too. I'd be happy with a pun title.

...Okay, maybe "Best Wishes" ain't so goofy.

[Via ANN]

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