Update: Contrary to a previous version of this story, there is no confirmation at this time on who will not be included in the cast.

The "Pokemon" series as we've grown to know and love it is taking a hike, as a brand new series called "Pokemon Black and White" is set to give the franchise an overhaul, reports Gigazine.

"Black and White" will premiere in the fall, replacing the currently airing "Diamond and Pearl." One such character, Zoroark, debuts in the upcoming "Pocket Monsters Diamond and Pearl the Movie: Phantom Ruler Zoroark," set to premiere this summer.

It's certainly the end of an era, and as of right now, there aren't any details on the types of characters and creatures that will move into the spotlight, but in a very real sense, "Black and White" sounds like a total rebranding of the "Pokemon" franchise.[Source: Gigazine via Kotaku]

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