When talented artists engage in friendly competition using Top Chef-esque ingredient prescriptions, everyone wins. When those ingredients are Pokémon and the work of Dr. Seuss, things really get legendary, though. Make no mistake. There are some disturbing Pokémon running around out there, but when Nintendo's critters look like the Lorax and Cat in the Hat, the adorable factor becomes almost overwhelming.

And did we mention there are some poems attached?

These mashups from the likes of Alex Ryan, Jason Welborn and Paul Hargrave on the Draw2D2 blog look phenomenal. Welborn's Pikachu page could have been ripped straight off of your elementary school library's shelf, and Ryan's version of How the Grinch Stole Christmas where the title villain is defeated by Jigglypuff looks cute enough to sing you to bed at night.

Andy Hunter's evolved Grinch and Horton type beasts are likewise great. His "Caterina" trainer looks positively terrifying, however, like how you'd expect a serial killer to dress at an anime convention.

Alex Ryan:

Jason Welborn:

Justin LaRocca Hansen:

Plinio Marcos Pinto:

Paul Hargrave:

Andy Hunter:

Ian Brauner:

Jack Hendrick:

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