For a certain generation of fans, the Pokémon anime holds a very special place in their heart. Even if they haven't picked up an installment in the handheld gaming franchise in over a decade, or only briefly looked at Pokémon Go, the adventures of Ash, Misty, Brock and Pikachu are a cultural touchstone that many hold dear in their heart.

Beginning this month, Nintendo is hoping to rekindle the love of Poké-fans around the world with Pokémon Generations, a weekly series of animated webisodes highlighting classic moments from the games.

Rather than featuring the heroes from the main anime --- which is still going strong --- the new shorts will take place across the various regions, and promises to revisit iconic moments through new eyes.

In many ways, Pokémon Generations seems to be a spiritual successor to Pokémon Origins, which retold key moments from the first generation of games with a more serious tone than that of its long-running, child-friendly sister-show. Pokémon Origins starred Red in his quest to beat the Pokémon League and his rival Blue, and both characters are present in the trailer for Pokémon Generations, which could mean this is somewhat of a direct sequel.

In terms of specific moments from the games present in the trailer, the Red Gyrados from the second generation of games seems to be present, as well as the legendary beasts Entei, Raikou, and Suicune. The trailer also features what seems to be the antagonist of the first few games, Giovanni, and the international police officer Looker, from the most recent generation of games.

Each episode of Pokémon Generations will be five minutes long and will debut on the official Pokemon YouTube page from September 16th. The series will run for eighteen episodes, finishing later this year on December 23rd.