As the latest addition to the ever-growing list of ridiculously creative and delightfully nerdy proposals, a photo of a Poké-ball containing two engagement rings and a small piece of paper with the words "I choose you!" has quickly charmed many Poké-romantics across the world.Unlike previous proposals that have included hacking into video games or proposing while fully suited in cosplay, the charm of this Poké-ball proposal lies primarily within the simplicity of the concept. The Poké-ball used is not a custom-made, velvet-lined jewelry box, but rather, the same plastic Poké-ball toy that's sold with most of the Pokémon toys; even the "I choose you!" message is written in the same font used within the video games.

Judging from the photos, the Marriage-Ball appears to have been super-effective, though I can only imagine that the pre-proposal jitters probably felt similar to waiting for the Poké-ball to stop wiggling after a major catch.

With the popularity of the Marriage-Ball, what will we see next in the future of nerdy proposals? An elaborate Super Mario scavenger hunt with the ring hidden in one of the Question Blocks? A magical proposal spoken backwards à la Zatanna? Matching Green Lantern and Star Sapphire engagement power rings in lantern-shaped jewelry boxes, only to complete the ceremony by reciting the respective oaths as the wedding vows? A girl can only dream!