A close reading of Marvel's recent "Siege" event revealed a very unique structure underlying the story: the whole thing read a lot like a giant Pokémon battle between superheroes and supervillains with Asgard as the arena. Just imagine Thor and the Sentry stored inside Pokéballs, waiting in Captain America and Norman Osborn's potion-lined pockets and the whole thing totally just works. That, combined with the recent announcement that "Pokémon: Black" and "Pokémon: White" are poised to hit retail in spring of 2011 ensures both properties are weighing heavily on our hearts, minds and souls.

This realization led assistant editor/Photoshopper Caleb Goellner and I to a most interesting question: What if the Marvel Universe merged with the Pokémon Universe? Keep reading for our picks of 12 PokéMarvel Mashups!

Spider-Mankey: Spider-Man + Mankey

With great power...comes an extremely short temper. Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Mankey lives in the trees with his Aunt Primaype, and is prone to unpredictable fits of violent rage. Is he strong? Listen, bud: he's going to tear you to pieces for even asking.Jigglynaut: Juggernaut + Jugglypuff

NO ONE CAN STOP THE JIGGLYNAUT...from singing happy songs that will soothe and relax you! Don't get too relaxed, though; if you fall asleep, Jigglynaut will get crazy pissed off and pretty much pound the crap out of you.

Devil Bulbasaur: Devil Dinosaur + Bulbasaur

Due to its prehistoric origins Devil Bulbasaur is actually considered to be one of the first PokéMarvels. Little is known about him, though we do know that he had many adventures with another creature named ManMoon Boy. It was recently revealed that DB was the secret hand behind the Pidgeyond Corporation.

Snoverine: Snover + Wolverine

Snoverine was happy to live his life as a snowy tree with feet until a team of evil scientists decided to make him into something...more. Now he finds himself covered with metal instead of snow and his seemingly innocuous asparagus hands now hide a set of deadly claws. While he has become the ultimate loner, Snoverine frequently (and creepily) befriends teenage PokéMarvel girls such as Jubayleef.

Willie Lumpkingler: Willie Lumpkin + Kingler

Willie Lumpkingler is the longtime mailman for Reedicham Richards and family. His enormous left pincer enables him to carry huge amounts of deliverables. Also, it can crush people and tear them to pieces. But Willie is pretty good natured so he probably would never do anything like that, True Believers!

Miltank the Model: Millie the Model + Miltank

Miltank is one of the more popular models in the PokéMarvel Universe. We're a big fan of her many adventures with her boyfriend Klickertune and nemesis Chikorita Storm. Oh, and she has an exclusive move that involves secreting and drinking milk with magical healing powers. So really, Miltank is a supermodel.

Thorlax: Snorlax + Thor

Thorlax spends most of his day eating and sleeping. As far as we can tell, he's actually just Volstagg.

Lairon Man: Lairon + Iron Man

Lairon Man is easily one of the most intelligent of the PokéMarvels, as well as one of the wealthiest (thanks to his company, Silph Industries). He spends a lot of his time strengthening his steely shell by consuming large amounts of...PokéScotch.

LoPunisher: Lopunny + Punisher

LoPunisher is a best-to-avoid-on-Google-image-search "sexy" rabbit-like creature whose family was killed by what can only be described as the "Cosa Nosepass". Ever since that fateful day, it has waged war against the Pokémafia (including groups like Team Rocket), drawing criminals in with his Cute Charm move, and then murdering the hell out of them with very large guns.

Wurmple Man: Wurmple + Purple Man

One of the scummier creatures in the PokéMarvel Universe, the Wurmple Man is known for his spiny exterior and his mind-controling abilities, which he once used to turn Mewel into his pseudo love slave for several months.

Howard the Psyduck: Howard the Duck + Psyduck

Howard doesn't belong here. He just wants to go home.

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