Unlicensed Pokémon merchandise is nothing new. Over the past decade or so there've been more bootlegged Pikachu piñatas and Squirtle school supplies than would-be-buyers can throw a Pokéball at. Still this is probably the most...organic copyright violation:

The appropriately accentless "e" in Pokémon signifies that this Halloween treat has little to do with Nintendo, Game Freak or any of the anime or manga studios responsible for the franchise's monstrous ongoing popularity.

Also, the suburban Kansas City grocery store selling the gourds doesn't really explain what's "Pokémon" about the pumpkins, other than that they're "Unique white ornamental mini pumpkins with orange stripes" (like Pikachu?).

Now, I fancy myself something of a Pokémon Master, but I'm hard pressed for a Pumpkinmon. Of course, that's not to say "Digimon" doesn't have one sitting around somewhere. Either way, these pumpkins are pretty delightful.

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