Despite its bevy of animated films and manga, most Pokéfans have come to terms with the fact that their franchise of choice is not always 100 percent to scale across all media. After all, a game designed for portable devices has to smoosh a few things around to achieve relative cohesion. It's just a fact of turn-based RPGage.

Still, after years of bumbling through assorted odds and ends to achieve some semblance of Poképerception, Comicsforserious' Jesse Reese's quick-and-dirty sizing chart gives viewers a simple look into where some of the game's most iconic characters stack up in relation to one another.

Technically the info can be surmised from a Pokédex, but considering the sheer volume of creatures to be found in the upcoming "Pokémon: Heart Gold" and "Soul Silver" games, this is a huge time saver.

It's also a lot more interesting to gaze upon that, say, a lineup of same-sized, physics-defying Pokéballs in terms of raw size.