At this point, I don't know why they even bother making trailers for Pokémon games. I mean, if Pokémon Go has taught us anything, it's that Pikachu and the other 700-odd pocket monsters as as popular as they've ever been. Still, with Sun and Moon set for release on November 18, Nintendo and the Pokémon Company are trying to get everyone as stoked for the new title as they possibly can. And it is working.

Witness the latest trailer for the game, which doesn't just introduce another handful of new Pokémon, but also special regional variants of existing Pokémon that can only be found in the Alola region!



If you pay attention to Pokémon fandom --- and lord knows I do --- then you've probably seen some really amazing pieces of art floating around based on the idea of variations within Pokémon species. In those, the forms of the Pokémon that you see are usually based on the idea of breeding --- basically asking what it would look like if one of this chandelier's parents was a tree --- but in Sun and Moon, it's based on the region's new climate.

All of which is to say: Ice Vulpix!

The other new mechanics involve special "Z-Moves" that are basically finishing moves from Sailor Moon with elaborate dance moves, but I think the more notable one might be that you can ride around the map on Pokémon!!! This is something that they've used a little bit before --- Black and White involved Gogoat Taxis, X and Y had a special feature where you could Surf using Sharpedo and go faster than everyone else, and in Ruby and Sapphire your mom was a champion Rhyhorn racer --- but this seems like it's taking things to the next level. Presumably, you won't be able to ride around on everything, but, well.



You can ride Charizard and that is the only thing in the world that matters to me right now.