If you're a fan of the "Pokémon" theme song, you're about to be very happy. If you're not a fan of the "Pokémon" theme song, you should seriously reevaluate your stance by listening to the vocal stylings of one Danny Fong.

Fong has created a one-man a capella rendition of the "Pokemon" theme song, and while he may not be the very best like no one ever was when it comes to overall musicianship (it sounds like at least a few instrument tracks are reasonably electronically enhanced), he's certainly the very best when it comes to tackling the "Pokemon" song all by himself. That's right, Fong becomes a one-stop shop when it comes to guitar sections, bass riffs and even percussion parts, channeling his inner Ash Ketchum and delivering the most passionate and unique performance of the "Pokemon" theme that I've ever seen/heard.Is it a little geeky? Sure, but since when did geekiness become a bad thing? Does Fong have a few too many v-neck shirts? Sure he does, but it's something he fully owns up to [Assistant Editors Note: Dude, you are crushing even my American Apparel collection]. Poke all the holes you want, but there's no denying the simple truth that Fong's got some serious talent here, geekiness be darned!

Link via Kotaku