As we all know, the world of Pokémon is 100% scientifically accurate in all ways, particularly in the highly educational way that it demonstrates biological evolution. It's important for kids today to realize that, over time -- say, two or three hours of fighting electric spiders -- a species can change an adapt and grow an even larger flower on its back that can shoot out laser beams. It's important, then, that the upcoming Pokémon X and Y include the latest scientific discovery: a magic rock that can cause your Pokémon to evolve into an Ultimate Final Form while in battle.

Check out footage of this incredible discovery below!


As it stands, the Pokémon capable of"Mega Evolutions" look to be limited to Lucario and Mewtwo -- meaning that "Mega MewTwo" is not a new permanent evolution called "MewThree" that fans suspected when the design was revealed -- and Blaziken, whose Mega Stone will be given out over WiFi rather than being part of the game's release. It's worth noting that the Pokémon return to their original form once battle ends, though it hasn't been revealed whether the Stones are used up in the process.

In addition to the video, we've also seen some pretty rad art that that shows the design differences that come along with Mega Evolution:




We'll find out more, I'm sure, leading up to the release of Pokémon X and Pokémon Y on October 12.

[via ANN and Tinycartridge]