President of the Alzheimer’s Research and Prevention Foundation, Dr. Dharma Singh Khalsa defines telescoping bias as simply the underestimation of time, and describes the phenomenon of as "though you're looking through a telescope where the details of what you see give you the impression that an object in the distance is much closer than it actually is." It is a consequence of this cognitive psychological condition that we find ourselves sitting here now, cognizant of the fact that it's August 11, 2014, even though it may seem to us that the summer began just a few days ago. It is fascinating, frustrating, and terrifying, causing us to question our understanding of all events in our lives and anticipate the future with doubt and fear. It's on occasions like these that we feel compelled to take stock of that which truly matters in life: comic books.

It's felt like a busy summer for us at ComicsAlliance. We're still rolling out interviews conducted at San Diego Comic-Con, we're in the midst of seasonal event/crossovers (although from some new players than summers past), we're witnessing some fandom wars over drastic changes to some of our favorite characters, and we're talking about how the characters and creators from the world of comics continue to drive the most popular and, occasionally, the most enjoyable entertainments in the other media.

There's a lot of very important information to compile, so we're documenting the comic book summer 2014 in the most helpful and scientific manner our content management system allows: polls.

Please choose your answers carefully. There's no going back.