What's better than one video game featuring DC Comics' starting lineup? If anonymously submitted screens created by a former video game studio artist are any indication, perhaps two titles?

Kotaku's got the full slate of said images, which feature environments that could very well represent DC locales such as Themiscyra, Atlantis, Metropolis, Central City, Gotham City and more. Given rumblings of a new Justice League movie in the works, the game site goes on to speculate that these shots may be intended for a movie-related video game.

The shots reportedly hail from a former Shiny Entertainment employee's online portfolio, which is meaningful considering Shiny's parent company Double Helix has partnered with DC to create an adaptation of Ryan Reynolds' upcoming "Green Lantern" motion picture.

While the environments might seem redundant considering the upcoming launch of Sony's DC Universe Online, considering a theoretical JL title would make stars playable rather than more narration-oriented NPCs, fans may be equally interested in either option.

Are these from Sony's MMO? A new game? Fan art? I'm not sure, but if they're legit screen captures, I'm not really convinced they're associated with a "Justice League" movie that hasn't seen any serious sign of movement of late. That could all change in a Metropolis minute, however, so we'll be keeping tabs on the matter one way or another.

That sure does look like the Flash in the corner there...

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