It's a big month for anniversaries. Doctor Who has turned 50. Mystery Science Theater 3000 is 25. One anniversary that doesn't seem to be getting as much attention is the one that might make all of us feel the oldest. The Powerpuff Girls have officially been around for 15 years, debuting on Cartoon Network on November 18, 1998. If fans count creator Craig McCracken's original "Whoopass Girls" concept that he created while in college at CalArts and debuted in 1992 as "Whoopass Stew!," though, the team is old enough to drink.

Semantics aside, artist SalBa Combé has created a 2013 version of the show's opening credits sequence that should resonate with fans, just as IDW's ongoing Powerpuff Girls comic book series has been.

Check it out below, along with the TV show's original version and McCracken's initial "Whoopass Girls" short for comparison's sake.



TV show opening


The Whoopass Girls

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