Before Brian Michael Bendis became one of Marvel's most celebrated architects, the dude was straight up indie. That being the case, his comics contained some serious salty language and not the cartoon kind with ampersands and pound signs and stars and the like. He and Michael Avon Oeming's "Powers" (when it was back at Image) was easily one of his most profanity-laden works given the nature of its story. Detectives investigating super hero homicides would probably cuss once in awhile, no? That's where Xanga (yes, it still exists!) user Deadlyworld's parody "!*%&#ers" comes in.

The strip employs some serious casual swearing to emphasize "Powers'" propensity for profanity without literal irreverence, essentially coming across as a fan's acknowledgment that yeah, Bendis sure digs the F-bomb. It's clever without overdoing the gag and is definitely worth a look for fans of the series.

Bendis and Oeming's relaunched "Powers" #1
arrived in shops last week (now through Marvel's Icon imprint) and it still packs the profane punch fans crave, which is just fine by me.

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