Ryan North, Shelli Paroline and Braden Lamb's run on the Adventure Time comic  is barreling headlong toward its conclusion, and it looks like before they're done, they're participating in the time-honored tradition of taking a look at a future where Everything Has Gone Horribly Wrong! You know, like Days of Future Past or that Batman story where Batman's kid wears a trenchcoat and has a cat. It's a tradition, y'all, but in Finn's case, he at least gets a pretty sweet beard out of the deal.

In the distant future of Ooo, the memory-obliterating Mnemonoid has left a much older, much buffer Finn with no memory of the time between his familiar teenage years and his current bearded state, in the iced-up ruins of the Candy Kingdom. Fortunately for Finn, he has a plan to beat the Mnemonoid, and hopefully it's going to work and everything's going to work out okay, because if not, that's kind of a real jerk move to pull right before the new guys start up. Check out a preview below!










Adventure Time #34 is out next week, December 3, digitally and at finer comic shops everywhere.